A NEW potent growth and angiogenic cytokine

VEGF stimulates proliferation and survival of endothelial cells, and promotes angiogenesis and vascular permeability. Expressed in vascularized tissues, it plays a prominent role in normal and pathological angiogenesis. StemRD’s VEGF-165 is made in human 293 cells as a 45kDa glycoprotein consisting of two 165 amino acid polypeptide chains.

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Brown Adipocyte Differentiation Kit

A StemRD Exclusive ! - PSdif-BA®

Human brown adipocytes can now be derived from pluoripotent stem cells (ES or iPS cells) by activating the classic brown adiogenic pathways. PSdif-BA® is a fully formulated kit designed to derive and culture brown adipocytes from human iPSC or ESC cells. The resulting highly pure monolayer is a powerful tool for studying obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases